Old Flame – A Super 8 Story



Genre: Drama / Art House

Boy meets girl and they fall in love. Cameron feels he’s met the love of his life
until Amelia breaks his heart. Unable to let go and move on, he finds solace in a
bottle, drowning in a sea of memories. As he drifts towards rock bottom, he has an
epiphany in a drunken dream – holding on hurts more than letting go.


Writer / Director – Spencer Hetherington & Jesse Ricottone

DOP / Editor – Spencer Hetherington



“There is something about Super 8mm film that is inherently nostalgic; imperfect and grainy, almost like watching memories played back. Spencer Hetherington and Jesse Ricottone explore this idea with great efficacy in their experimental short Old Flame – A Super 8 Story. Told through silent, surrealist vignettes, a young man learns the hard truth that holding onto an old flame hurts more than letting go. With shots reminiscent of Akira Kurosawa’s Drunken Angel and Ingmar Bergman’s Wild Strawberries, this student film is nothing short of a triumph.”       

– Short Focus Film Festival 2020


SHORT FOCUS MAGAZINE- Featured in Issue 3


12 June 2020